The Truffledore is owned and operated by Ina Ansmann and Timothy Noonan. We took on the farm and business in early 2019 and for us it has been a wonderful and much needed tree change!

Getting the hang of the truffle growing business has been an adventure and a steep learning curve. But we love being able to combine our passion for great food and simple farm living in a true farm-to-table experience… with that little bit of truffley decadence thrown in!



Marine Biologist / Zoologist by trade, Ina has dabbled in several aspects of the tourism industry. Originally from Germany, she’s called Australia home for over 11 years.

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Timothy is from Queensland. He’s worked in several industries around Australia and has been a paramedic for the last 10 years. Timo loves to cook and share his passion for great food!

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Born in 2019, Cody is our oldest dog and fully trained truffle hunter. He’s a Smithfield X Huntaway with a passion for herding our flocks of geese and chickens! He’s the happiest dog in the world and loves a good pat and a cuddle!

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Born in December 2021, Kiki’s a Kelpie X Labrador. She’s extremely loving and loyal but also very excitable! She’s working on her truffle hunting skills and we’re hoping the Labrador in her will mean she’ll have a bit more patience for and focus on this rather slow task, once she’s a little older!

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Mr Darcy is the newest member of our team of truffle dogs, born in June 2022. He’s a Smithfield X Border Collie and the calmest puppy you’ll ever meet! He loves snuggles and is stealing hearts everywhere he goes. He’s also extremely smart and is already picking up the truffle game just by watching his sister Kiki’s training sessions!

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Bobby, Buttercup & Berta

Our three Jersey cows came to the farm as young calves and are extremely friendly! They love saying Hi to our farm stay guests, especially if a handful of hay is on offer!

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The Guinea Fowl

Our confusion of 15 lavender guinea fowl play an important role on our farm. They are the natural pest control task force in the truffière and you can watch them wander among the oaks, hunting down bugs and slugs! They are also a great warning system for our chooks, as they make quite the ruckus of alarm calls when a predator is near!

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The Chooks

Our free-ranging flock of 60-odd Belgian D’Ucclé chickens provide us with wonderfully tasty little eggs for our truffle omelettes or Crème Brûlée! They are beautiful colours and quite friendly and our farmstay guests love hand-feeding them!

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The Geese

The 20-odd Pilgrim geese that free-range on our property are generally shy and do their own thing. They’re great lawn mowers, and their eggs in springtime make fantastic pasta doughs and baked goods – if we can find them!

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Located in the sleepy hamlet of Lower Barrington in the foothills of Cradle Mountain, we boast some of the cleanest air in the world. With Tasmania’s rich volcanic soil and a climate that resembles the South of France, it’s no wonder the region is perfect for growing our wonderfully fragrant Périgord French Black Winter Truffles. Our boutique truffière was planted in 2007 and contains 600 English Oak, Hollyoak and Hazelnut trees. The black winter truffle grows on their root system, in a symbiotic relationship with the trees. Our farm is run as organically as possible and we avoid using chemicals such as pesticides, relying instead on natural forms of pest control like our flock of 15 guinea fowl. Harvesting our truffle is done completely by hand, finding them with the aid of our truffle dogs.