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Boasting the cleanest air in the world, with its rich volcanic soil and its climate that resembles the south of France, it is no wonder that The Truffledore is reputed for the amazing aroma and excellent quality of its French black winter truffles. 

Our Truffière produces reliable quantities of excellent quality, aromatic black truffle.  We take pride in growing our truffle under the ‘closed loop’ system of farming.  We use low impact, spray free, sustainable farming methods which means our truffle is allowed to grow as it would in its natural environment. 

Every day during June, July and August, our truffle hunting team heads out into the crisp wintery weather to gather huge baskets full of Truffledore truffle.  Our truffle is hand harvested, washed and graded by our dedicated truffle team.


*buy fresh truffle

Harvested, graded and shipped within 24hrs

  • Available June to end August

  • Please place orders by Friday for Monday’s shipping or Monday for Wednesday’s shipping.

  • Shipping every Monday & Wednesday or by special arrangement $22per order


Extra only:                                        50g - 200g = $3.50/g

Extra and First grade mix:             50g - 200g = $3.00/g  

*Smalls and Pieces:                        50g - 200g = $2.50/g

**Trimmings:                                   50g - 200g = $1.00/g

***Spent truffle spore:                  50g - 200g = $0.50c/g

Frozen truffle: Available at the Truffledore by prior arrangement


  • *Good aroma & flavour - less than 20g or a heavily cut piece

  • ** Good aroma & flavour - Trim is great for ice-cream, custards, dressings, pasta/rice dishes and cheese making

  • ***Spent truffle used for re-inoculation or inoculation of suitable tree species only – NOT SUITABLE FOR CONSUMPTION. Please contact us for instructions


For amounts over 200g, please contact us directly to discuss the price of truffle and shipping.