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naturally inoculated oak trees (Quercus robur)

$33.00 per tree at the farm-gate

Freight is the buyer’s responsibility! (charged separately)

Here at the Truffledore we take a natural, traditional approach to farming.  Our mantra is reduce, reuse and recycle and we live, breathe and practice this philosophy in every aspect of our farming.

With this philosophy in mind, it stands to reason that we use natural inoculation processes.  Our trees are inoculated as nature intended, meaning they have grown in truffled soil in our highly productive truffière and are thus likely to be infected with the truffle fungus. However, it is important to keep in mind that we do not use laboratory techniques of inoculation as other producers do and therefore we cannot give a 100% guarantee that the trees will actually produce truffle themselves. The truffle fungus is highly unpredictable and it's successful production of harvestable truffles in following years depends on many variables including your soil and climate conditions, farm management, etc.