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truffle dog & handler training (SOLD OUT!)

Maximum 5 per class

*Contact Jennifer to open another class

10.00am – 4.00pm @ $250 per team per day (3 days), including a delicious truffle lunch for you and special home cooked casserole for your dog.

Grades 1, 2 & 3 - Each grade is held over three days. On successful completion of each grade you will graduate with a signed certificate of attainment and be eligible to advance to the next grade.  Once you graduate from the third level, you and your trained companion will be eligible to register as a qualified Truffle hunting team and be invited to join the Cradle Country Farm truffle hunt and harvest team.  School rules and a detailed itinerary will be provided with your booking package.

Join Chicken (Border terrier) & Toby (Lagotto Romagnolo) & our team of truffle dog handling expert teachers on our unique three day intensive training course.  At the end of the course, you and your dog will be firmly on your way to becoming registered as a Truffledore Hunting Team member. 

We are able to fast track the training of both you and your dog in the art of truffle hunting because we have everything at our finger tips.

  • Our classroom is situated on Cradle Country Farm - a safe, fully fenced, dog friendly Truffle farm, where you and your dog can experience the real thing – run free and enjoy the excitement of farm life with your best friend.
  • We use only our own harvested black truffle for training so your dog will learn on real scents and not have to re-train as with other schools who use artificial or chemical substitutes
  • Our training techniques are simple, straight forward and uncomplicated.  We teach you the practical way, from our own experience of what works for us  –  don’t be misled and bamboozled by claims that it takes “many years” to train you and your dog, this is simply not true
  • We offer expert, friendly follow up help and advice to keep you and your dog on track

Throughout your schooling, you will be shown techniques to understand the basics of handling, right through to having your dog indicate and find truffle, including:

  • Learn how to communicate effectively with your dog
  • Bonding – become a dog whisperer
  • How to become an effective Handler
  • Working in different environments and conditions
  • Distraction management – how to stay on task
  • Working on and off lead – use your senses
  • Fitness, stamina & concentration
  • Scent association – Reward - what is in it for me?
  • Truffle detection and
  • Indication behaviour (pointing to the exact location of the truffle)

A trophy and certificate ceremony will be held at the completion of each course and celebrated with a glass of The Truffledore bubbles and a treat for your best friend. 

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