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bread & butter

A full day on the farm, including a long table lunch - 10.00am – 3.30pm

*Maximum 10 persons per class

Back to basics with good old fashioned farm house fare…

Here on Cradle Country Farm we reckon that home-baked bread always tastes better – and we’ll prove it.

On this fun, educational one-day bread & butter making course, our Truffledore chefs will inspire you to rise to the occasion and discover a world of delicious freshly baked bread and its most famous of spreads.

We’ll teach you our basic bread recipe and how to make a variety of loaves, giving you the confidence to become master baker in your own kitchen. You’ll also explore international breads such as focaccia, pasta dura, naan and roti and create and take home your own wild yeast starter for fabulous sourdough.

And what goes best on fresh bread?  BUTTER, of course….

To complement and enrich your bakery skills we’ll teach you how to get your very own truffle butter down pat.  You will also learn how to make a variety of flavoured butters and how to make the most of your buttermilk, a by-product of the butter-making process.

You will leave with a bounty of butter knowledge to produce your own chemical-free, pure cultured butter at home. 

At the end of the day you will break bread with your fellow foodies to indulge in the delights of hand crafted fresh breads with lashings of lovely buttery spreads – including our signature truffle butter. 

All topped off with velvety buttermilk truffled pannacotta and paired with a complementary glass of our very own Truffledore bubbles.

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